The world's best e-transporter Power and endurance for real heroics. Powered by E-Works Mobility.

Environmentally friendly and reliable solutions in the transport sector.

With the HEERO, you give your existing vehicles a second, electric life.

The fully electric van and its versatility make it ideal for municipal tasks or your business. Feel the excitement of driving electric without compromising.

Benefit from better road holding thanks to rear-wheel drive.

Range up to 400 km:

Battery modules provide a range of up to 400 km in city traffic with 110 kWh.

Heroes only need short breaks:

The HEERO can be charged from 20-80% at up to 100 kW in about 30 minutes.

With the power of a hero:

With 180kW, you can master the steepest slopes even when fully loaded.

Safe is safe:

Benefit from the assumption of the manufacturer's warranty and the warranty of two years and 80,000 km on the drive system.

frugal and economical

The easy way to a sustainable fleet. With the HEERO conversion, you can turn your existing vehicle into a low-maintenance, durable and reliable commercial vehicle that, as a fully electric transporter, contributes to a positive carbon footprint for your fleet and also represents the most economical solution in terms of overall costs.

HEERO - a true hero.

Master your everyday life with the strongest and most powerful commercial vehicle in its class with electric drive from E-Works Mobility.

Heero Range 400 km with usable 96 kWh.

Competitors Max. Range 168 km with max. usable 47kWh.

Unser Garantieversprechen. Sorgenfrei fahren mit der HEERO-Garantie!

Sie haben für Ihr Bestandsfahrzeug noch eine vorhandene Restgarantie der Mercedes Benz AG? Wir übernehmen diese nahtlos.

Auf unsere EV-Komponenten und das HEERO-Antriebssystem geben wir eine unerreichte Garantie von 8 Jahren oder 160.000 Kilometer.

Why wait?

Experience the excitement of driving electric and schedule a test drive today!

Strong performance for strong companies.

A vehicle without compromise. Secure the first place and bet on maximum performance for your tasks


Strongest competitor

Competition average

HEERO, a brand of the technology company E-Works Mobility.

Our many years of experience in component development provide you with unparalleled reliability in the everyday use of your HEERO.

HEERO - Without compromise.

Turn your existing vehicle into a real everyday HEERO and let E-Works Mobility electrify it.

Standardized modules allow a conversion within a very short time, so you reduce the downtime of your vehicles to a minimum. Through our service partners, we offer you a reliable service network within our sales territories.

Carefree to the workshop: We not only guarantee a quick conversion, which subsequently reduces your service costs to a minimum. Through the conversion, you upgrade your vehicle and also reduce the service times in the workshop.

Reliable on the road: With the warranty on the components, you drive safely into the future. We attach great importance to the safety of the system, ensured by a perfect interaction of hardware and software - as standard.

The service - carefree and smooth even in the workshop.

Due to our constantly growing partner network in the sales areas, failures can be solved quickly. If you have any questions, we are always at your side.

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How do I drive my HEERO as efficiently as possible? Is the HEERO suitable for my daily routes?

The real range is up to 400 km in the city. In practice, the range varies depending on driving style, speed, use of comfort and auxiliary consumers, outside temperature, number of passengers, payload and topography.

Does the battery have to be purchased or leased separately?

The battery is already included in the purchase price. So there are no additional costs for a battery rental. Your battery is warranted for 2 years and 80,000 km.

Does the HEERO have TÜV? How often does the HEERO have to be inspected?

All installed components are certified and the vehicles are approved by TÜV. The vehicle is issued a TÜV sticker for 2 years from registration.

Does my vehicle look the same as the HEERO after the conversion?

If desired, we can have your vehicle foiled by our partners for an additional charge.

Can I drive the HEERO with a normal driver's license?

Der HEERO ist mit einem zulässigen Gesamtgewicht von 4,25t aufgrund einer Sonderregelung auch mit einem Führerschein der Klasse B fahrbar.

Does the HEERO have recuperation?

Yes the HEERO has a recuperation stage.

How fast can I go with the HEERO?

With the HEERO you can drive up to 120 km/h. If you want us to lift the vehicle to class N2, these are legally limited to 90 km/h.

How does this work with the load increase?

Through our partners we lift your commercial vehicle from class N1 to class N2. The vehicle will be equipped with other springs and loaded to a maximum of 4.25t.

Which charging plug can I use to charge my HEERO?

Due to CCS, you are flexible with the HEERO at charging stations and wallboxes: It charges with up to max. 22 kW and alternating current as well as with up to 100 kW and direct current at a DC fast charging station.

How often does my HEERO need maintenance?

We recommend annual maintenance to ensure the reliability of the high-voltage components and other vehicle parts. Thanks to the maintenance package included with your purchase, this remains free of charge for you for two years. If your batteries need to be replaced, you will benefit from our warranty on all drive system components for two years or up to a mileage of 80,000 km. If you have any further questions about electric vehicle maintenance, your E-Works Mobility team will be happy to advise you.

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