Retrofitting zum Elektro Transporter mit Kühlbox

Electrifying a vehicle fleet can be easier.

We trust in expertise, experience and patented HEERO technology.

CHANGING drive · impact LIVE!

Sustainability and performance are two sides of the same coin. For every single HEERO, both are in gold!

Conservation of resources through reuse, environmental protection by CO2 reduction and mobility without noise emissions go hand in hand with practical performance in terms of range, payload and towing capacity.

Outstanding driving dynamics and rapid charging performance also impress in ambitious work situations.

The HEERO Performance Conversion is your ready-to-use GameChanger. It's time to engage a veritable HEERO.

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Advantages of HEERO vs. new vehicle for electric commercial vehicles.

  • Installations and superstructures remain on the chassis - no new investments or conversions
  • Extremely low loss of utilisation - replace fleet quickly & sequentially
  • HEERO vehicles are integrated in fleet - no extra administrative overheads

In addition, your operations team is familiar with the vehicle. All that remains is a short training session on charging and you're ready to go.

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Transporter mit Kühlbox einfach zum Elektrofahrzeug umrüsten
Sprinter Pritsche mit Kipper einfach zum Elektro Fahrzeug umgebaut

Lead HEERO vs. Diesel as electrified commercial vehicle.

  • Reduction of operating costs - for energy sources & maintenance costs
  • Public perception - statement for electric mobility & circular economy
  • Future-oriented sustainability - fully electric, German powertrain solution

HEERO is also at your side for conceptual questions and requirements regarding charging infrastructure, in-house energy generation and electricity storage.

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Bonus HEERO vs. retrofitter of BEV commercial vehicles.

  • HEERO is the specialist, not a generalist - full focus on Sprinter models & variants
  • Knowledge advantage from experience - secure integration in Mercedes OEM software
  • Focused innovative strength - HEERO software developments optimally synchronized

And last but not least, the HEERO superpower. Patented technology combined with perfectly harmonised mass-produced components for mobility that lasts.

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Baustellenfahrzeug mit Kipper Retrofitted zum elektrischen Nutzfahrzeug

This qualifies the HEERO as an environmental activist.

No new vehicle is produced for your HEERO. Your elaborately manufactured vehicle becomes an emission-free electric vehicle in its "second life". The diesel technology that has been removed is reused in a meaningful way.

With its electrification, HEERO becomes a rolling energy storage unit. A mobile power bank that supplies power-intensive tools and devices with energy without a diesel generator or extra battery. Bidirectional charging will open up additional possibilities for you.

Sprinter Pritsche Doppelkabine und Einzelkabine einfach auf Elektro umgerüstet

A visible step towards greater sustainability.

Our aim is to support your statement on comprehensive sustainability.

Use all the advantages that your decision to go with HEERO brings for your public perception. You can also count on our support here.

Let's shape corporate mobility for a more liveable future - together, impactfully and today.

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Start your better future today.

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