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There are many ways to make the switch to a sustainable fleet. But good advice is expensive - and bad advice can be even more costly.

Our team of experts can help you quickly determine if HEERO commercial vehicles are the best choice for your electrification project.

Contact us early to make the best decision for your business.
Manfred Aumüller | Ihr HEERO-Experte für Flotten & Fuhrparks
Manfred Aumüller

+49 89 693 193 140


Michael Holzwig | Ihr HEERO-Experte für Flotten & Fuhrparks
Michael Holzwig

+49 89 693 193 140


Jenny Riefler | Ihr HEERO-Kontakt für mehr Informationen
Jenny Riefler

+49 89 693 193 140


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